All members of the research team are involved in conducting semi-structured in-depth interviews, as well as eight student research assistants trained in interview skills within the framework of this project. The interviews' focus is on the Qatar National Museum and museums in Qatar more broadly. Semi-structured interviews allow this research project to remain open to unforeseen ideas, connections, perspectives, and experiences. The interviewing process began in February 2017 and has been ongoing. 

In year one of the research project the research team conducted 75 interviews with Qataris and expatriates, and in year two an additional 58 interviews were conducted also with Qataris and expatriates. In total, we have collected rich data through 133 interviews in years one and two. 

As with the diversity of the research team and research assistants, the interviews had been conducted in a multiplicity of languages which allowed for easier access and smoother communication with the diverse communities of Qatar. These interviews have been translated to English by the project research assistants and research associate. 

Additionally, the majority of these interviews have been coded using NVivo, and this is ongoing, thereby allowing for an enhanced analysis of this vast collected data.