Media content analysis provides an indication of the "cultural temperature" of society. The analysis focuses on mass media discourse in Qatar in relation to Qatari identity, as well as the public perceptions towards museums in general and the Qatar National Museum in particular. To achieve this, the research team analyzes conventional media including local newspapers (in Arabic and English) and local radio programmes, and social media including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. 

From the month of October 2016 onward, the research team had been involved in monitoring and analyzing conventional and social media, or old and new media, around events such as Qatar National Day 2016, the Dhow Festival, Identity within the Qatar National Vision 2030 conference, and Qatar Sports Day 2017. The analysis has focused on how such events instill, reinforce, negotiate, and/or construct national identity. 

More recently, and specifically from early June 2017, media around the solidarity phenomenon of Tamim Al Majd has been monitored as part of our research's focus on the formation, continuance, negotiation, and strengthening of Qatari national identity. 

Thus far, the research team has produced four media content analysis reports, and monitored several events that give an indication of the public mood.