Museum Pre-Opening

The pre-opening stage will provide baseline indications of public perceptions of national heritage, values, and identity prior to the influence of the National Museum of Qatar. This stage also includes research objectives and tasks that run across the duration of the project and it builds towards final publications. 

Research Project Achievements in Year One and Year Two

Year One Report Presented to the National Museum of Qatar

Designing and testing regionally appropriate quantitative and qualitative research methodology

Training students in social science methodologies

Media content analysis 

Telephone Survey


Focus groups

Literature Review

International Workshop - Year One

International Workshop - Year Two

Opening and Immediate Post-Opening 

The opening/post-opening research will analyze the impact of the NMoQ in influencing, shaping, reshaping, contesting, or changing perceptions and values held by Qataris and expatriates, and investigate how the museum is situated within the public imagination of Qatari society.

The National Museum of Qatar is due to open on 28 March 2019.

Research Project Achievements in Year Three