A telephone survey is underway prior to the Qatar National Museum's opening and will be conducted again post-opening. The survey aims to gauge the attitudes and perceptions of mainly Qatari nationals, and also expatriates, towards the National Museum. Based on a randomized mobile phone sample, 1000 Qatari nationals and 500 expatriates will be surveyed by Radius Consultancy, the Qatar office of PARC. The survey will allow this research project to access participants from a broad range of socio-demographic backgrounds and geographic locations within Qatar. 

During the months of November 2016 to February 2017, the telephone survey had been designed by Dr. Jocelyn S. Mitchell, and its content revised by the research team. The Arabic translation and wording of the survey had also been revised by the research team during this period. The survey was pilot tested and conducted by PARC during the months of March and April 2017, and it is now complete.  

A second and final telephone survey is planned for the post-opening stage of the national museum, and the research team have been in discussion on how best to answer our project's research questions as well as some of the questions that are of interest to the National Museum of Qatar.