Qualitative and quantitative research methods were designed and tested by all team members from August to October 2016. Those methods related to the general approach and research questions to be applied in the interviews, telephone survey, focus groups, and media content analysis. Team members ensured the methodological approach of the research project allows for collecting data in a regionally effective and appropriate manner. 

Moreover, the research team continued testing and developing these methods based on the experiences of the researchers and research assistants in the field. There have been lessons learned, within a Qatari/regional framework, in relation to semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and the mass telephone survey.

Adopting an inductive research approach also proved to be very useful. This became apparent when several months into the research the June 2017 blockade against Qatar was imposed. The research team was able to incorporate the blockade into the core research questions, and rather than hindering our research, the blockade actually enhanced it, especially as it relates to Qatari national identity and the question of contemporary political displays in national museums.