An intensive four-day training in qualitative research methods was delivered to students from University College London-Qatar and Northwestern University-Qatar. The students were from the undergraduate and post-graduate levels, and they included Qataris and expatriates.  The training aimed to prepare them to become research assistants on the project, and specifically to conduct in-depth interviews with citizens and residents of Qatar around the topic of the National Museum. Aside from the direct benefit to the research project, this training also aim to build a knowledge-based economy in Qatar. The training took place in Doha from 4 to 8 January 2017, and it was delivered by the project's team members Dr. Andrew Gardner with the assistance of Dr. Jocelyn S. Mitchell and Dr. Waleed Serhan. 

Training with the same purpose was delivered again from 15 to 18 March 2017 by Dr. Mariam Ibrahim Al-Mulla, Dr. Sherine El-Menshawy, and Dr. Waleed Serhan. It involved undergraduate and postgraduate, mostly Qatari, student researchers from Qatar University who joined as research assistants on the project. The training was delivered in Arabic over an intensive four-day period.

On 18 May 2017, a one-day intensive workshop on research ethics was delivered in Arabic to the Qatar University student researchers by Dr. Andrew Gardner and Dr. Waleed Serhan.  

In November 2017, another two postgraduate students from UCL-Qatar were given intensive training in qualitative research methods by the research team.